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Will HTML5 Boost Video Email Marketing?

html5_logo_and_wordmark-svgApple and Adobe – two of the greatest technology companies ever, have been in the news recently, albeit for all the wrong reasons. The debate is all about choosing a standard that’s best suited to define the future web. While Adobe’s lobbying for its proprietary Flash platform, Apple is a staunch supporter of the open HTML5 standard.

What is HTML5?

To put it in simple words, HTML5 is the next major version of HTML, the programming language used to run the web and build websites. With the advent of Web 2.0 and Rich Internet Applications, there’s a strong need to refine the current HTML standard in order to build websites which offer a enriched user experience and that’s precisely what HTML5 promises to deliver.

Why should Online Marketers be bothered about HTML5?

As an online marketer, do you need to be bothered about what HTML5 is and how it’s going to change the web? Yes, of course! HTML5 promises to re-define how users surf the web, therefore it is bound to have a major impact on online marketing techniques as well.

Be it marketing through emails, podcasts or through any other audio-visual media, HTML5 is bound to change the web for good.

– A Distant Reality?

Video emails have always been an online marketer’s dream come true. Unfortunately, the current state of web technology is not conducive for video emailing. However, that’s all set to change when HTML5 becomes operational.

Currently, the closest alternative to offering video email is attaching the link to a video in your email. Clicking on the link opens a video player either on your computer or on an internet site. HTML5 will simplify this by allowing video to be played within the email itself. This is because HTML5 is being built directly into mail clients and browsers; therefore it will not require a third party video player.

The Apple Factor

Apple is well and truly turning on the heat on other companies by aggressively adopting HTML5. You can already use HTML5 video players on your iPad and iPhone. What’s more, as an online marketer, you can actually deliver a high quality video directly to your email and without requiring any special software. There’s sound and all the video controls that you need, everything right within your Inbox. Fantastic, isn’t it?

What are the limitations?

While the prospects of HTML5 are fascinating, the truth is that it’s a nascent technology as of now. There are concerns over adoption and penetration rates. Video requires higher bandwidth and more storage space so that’s an issue as well.

Many people have expressed concerns over whether audio should be allowed in emails and is it acceptable to have a video email playing on it’s own as soon as you receive it.

Expert Opinion

A recent report from Reel SEO suggests that it’s the perfect time for online marketers to join the HTML5 bandwagon. While the report accepts that HTML5 may not be in perfect shape as of now, but it’s important for online marketers to understand it’s potential in order to get the early mover advantage.

The report also suggests that a hybrid approach is the best way forward when considering HTML5 for video email marketing – use both HTML5 and animated GIFs depending on the requirements. Video is one of the most compelling ways in order to make an online marketing campaign attractive as it makes an instant connection with viewers.

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