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Why Content Syndication Is Still Important

content-syndication-networksContent syndication refers to a way in which you can distribute web content to multiple sites on the internet. A number of different types of content can be syndicated, such as:

  • Articles
  • Audio files, like mp3 files and podcasts
  • Videos
  • Press releases
  • Blog posts

Despite what some may say, content syndication is still an important part of your internet marketing game. Here’s why:

The Importance Of RSS

RSS, also known as “really simple syndication,” is something that every single business and blogger needs to take advantage of. RSS will single-handedly bring in more traffic while also reducing your costs as it will bring in more targeted traffic to your site.

How, you may ask?

What is really valuable when it comes to RSS are the links that are contained within that content. Every time you place content in an RSS feed, a link to your website will appear. This is picked up by the major search engines. The search engine giants like Google, Bing and Yahoo! are placing a whole lot more value in inbound links (orbacklinks) that are attached to a website than they ever have before. The more inbound links you have, the higher your ranking in the search engine. Wouldn’t you like to increase your chances of ending up on page 1 of a Google search? We think so.

Another benefit to RSS is that it gives people the information that they want FAST. As we are all users of the internet, we know just how important it is to be able to get information as quickly as possible. If we click on a website that lags or takes forever to load, there’s a 99% chance we’re going to hit the “back” button or closer that browser and try another site. RSS gives content to subscribers quickly and easily, and you can reach virtually anyone around the globe who has an RSS reader.

How To Write For Your RSS Feed

When most people hear the acronym “SEO,” they think of keyword stuffing and useless articles. Here’s the good (or bad) news: that doesn’t work anymore. As a matter of fact, search engines are now beginning to penalize website and web pages that have such obvious SEO abuse on their websites, and are starting to place more value in the content that is being produced.

And this couldn’t be more true for content syndication.

Your content syndication strategy should involve you being focused on writing high quality content that isn’t a sales pitch. Your content should be worthy of being told, it should be educational, and/or it should be entertaining. Write it so that it targets the niche you’re after. The goal is to write content that will fulfill the needs of anyone who visits you online. You want to offer solutions to their problems. You want to have the answer they came looking for. This will help you create brand awareness and keep them coming back to you. They’ll come to regard you as a trustworthy source, thus increasing the chance of them purchasing products or services from you in the future.

Next, it’s best to start forming a network of people who want to share this content. This is where visiting other blogs and forums will really help. You can find people with the same or similar interests and beginning networking with them on a regular basis. You can then syndicate your content to this network of people, and they can syndicate theirs back to you. Make sure that you make it easy for people to subscribe to your network, and always inform them of any content that you publish.

Successfully Keep A Growing Interest In Your Content

The number one thing that you need to do in order for your content syndication to be a real success is to continually add fresh content to your site. Writing once a week isn’t enough, and most pros will tell you that even having new content 3-5 times a week won’t cut it. Writing fresh content every single day that is useful to your visitors is what will act like a magnet to your site, drawing people in and helping search engines recognize your site as a place of quality, solid information.

We mentioned that it should be easy for anyone to subscribe to your feed. The easiest, and also free, way to do this is to set up a Feedburner account. Feedburner will quickly become your best friend in regards to content syndication. Some of the tools you’ll quickly find of use are that it:

  • Will keep a tally of your subscribers
  • You can change the location of your feed without losing you subscriber’s list
  • You can offer email subscriptions easily
  • Feedburner allows you to add your logo to the top of the feed and customize email subscriptions, thus allowing for you to create brand awareness
  • All raw XML is presented in a well formatted way

Another neat thing about your RSS feed is that you can share it on your social medianetworks. This makes it incredibly easy to share with anyone who is on your social media networks and it will save you a ton of time. Each time you share it, it appears as a status update or as a “tweet.”

Stop People From Stealing Your Content

Sick and tired of people stealing your hard work? Then syndicate your content. If you have WordPress, you can easily do this with their RSS Footer and Antileech plugins. These plugins can either spin your content so it looks different than what it is, or it will place a link in the footer of your article so that you will always get credit for the work that you do.

All in all, content syndication is a great way to get the word out about your company, products or services in one shot. The more quality content that you churn out, the more traffic you will attract and the more of an expert you will appear to your customers and peers.

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