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What is oDesk?

ODesk_logooDesk is the world’s largest online freelancing site where clients and over half a million contractors from around the world are brought together in a cyber-office environment. Freelance work is offered by clients who can post jobs free so that contractors can competitively bid for them.

No-one will be promised a yacht or a lifetime income for no effort. oDesk is a real online jobs marketplace and turns over more than $100m per year and contributes hugely to the global jobs marketplace. There are no gimmicks, promises or payment requirements other than the need to pay contractors’ wages.

The system is fairly simple: Clients post jobs and contractors bid at an oDesk Hourly or oDesk Fixed Price rate. The client can specify what they need and contractors can filter what they search and apply for. Contractors have a weekly application limit and clients are under no obligation until a hire is made, at which point regular contract law applies.

There are thousands of jobs posted every day so standing out is important for hirers too. Despite the world economy being difficult, the online world is thriving and competition for skilled workers is remarkably fierce. If you are concerned that oDesk is a scam you need not worry – oDesk is a large and reputable company with a workforce of hundreds and over half a million contractors.

The two available oDesk contract types for free lancers are:

oDesk Fixed Price contracts – These all have a budget set by the client but applicants can offer whatever price they feel is a reasonable bid. For some useful tips on how to use the information given by a client to increase your job chances, my eBook covers it all.

Hourly oDesk Contracts – These are agreed at the time of hire so both parties know the hourly rate. To change it afterwards, a different contract must be started at the new rate. The contractor must use the oDesk Team software to allow time tracking of their oDesk hourly contracts.

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