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What Foursquare Means for Your Business

foursquare-for-android-updated-with-restaurant-price-listingsI firmly believe that the best time to do business is alwaysnow. Social networks have completely transformed the idea of doing business in today’s marketplace. These networks offer a great opportunity to drive customers and boost revenues. Geosocial networks or location-based social networks like Foursquare and Gowalla have transcended the technology of social networks to an altogether new level. What Foursquare means for your business? Let’s find out.

How does it work?

The essence of Foursquare is the ability to publish your current location to your friends. This is known as a ‘check-in’ in Foursquare terminology. The best part is that it integrates with Twitter and Facebook so your check-ins can be automatically tweeted or updated on your Facebook profile. You earn points and badges based on your activity in a pseudo-game format.

What’s the business potential?

Foursquare offers immense business potential. It lets you connect with existing and prospect customers within your area. You can get associated with them on Twitter and Facebook as well. Here are some simple tips in order to use Foursquare to grow your business.

1) Promotions for Check-ins

Run promotions offering freebies and gifts for users reaching a certain level of check-ins. This is a great way to ensure that customers keep coming back to you. The more the number of users reaching your location, the greater popularity it gains. Your business gains from the exponential reach of users across multiple social networks as users publish your business’s location on Twitter and Facebook.

Engaging users in promotion like “Offer of the day” or “Win a cool gift” on a daily/ weekly basis is a great way to encourage users to check-in on your location on Foursquare. What’s more, users can actually become “Mayor” of your business location by visiting it the maximum number of times. Reward your loyal customers and encourage them to become the Mayor again and again.

2) Actively Participate with Users in vicinity

Stay tuned and participate actively in events in and around your geographical area. Reach out to the audiences of such events on Foursquare – it’s a great lead to reach a large number of customers. Grab it as an opportunity to educate people about your business and spread the word in local community.

3) Don’t be pushy

If you get too pushy with your marketing campaign on Foursquare, there’s a good chance that it may backfire. While people love to get engaged on social networks, they hate to get spammed. Do not overdo the marketing stuff, it just doesn’t pay off. No one will appreciate you promoting your Foursquare location all the time.

Foursquare users can post tips about the placed they’ve visited and liked. These tips appear for people who are in the geographical vicinity of your location. The more goodwill you build as a business, the greater number of users will post tips about you and your business.

Foursquare is fun and provides a unique opportunity to track who’s checking in at your business. Its close integration with Facebook and Twitter is a blessing in disguise which lets you reap the benefits of multiple social networks and promotes geosocial marketing.

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