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What are the best tools for social media marketing?


TweetDeck: This is a social media tool that helps in the management of your campaigns. Created by one of the most popular social media networking sites of all time, Twitter, its credentials are huge. It has been highly praised for its simplicity and versatility due to the user being able to connect their Facebook to the tool. It is compatible with a number of operating systems, and the dashboard enables the user to schedule tweets whilst analysing both Twitter and Facebook at the same time.

Buffer: This makes posting and updating your social media pages a lot easier, and less time consuming. Buffer allows the user to share articles, images and videos on multiple networks. The application automatically publishes your content throughout the day to save you some time in what is a consuming task. Buffer can be downloaded to Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers.

TwitterFeed: This is an excellent tool for managing your online marketing, as you can connect your blogs with various social media platforms. The tool is free and keeps your followers on social networks updated and can help push traffic towards your website and blogs. Upon updating your blog, the tool shares the content with Facebook, Twitter and Digg. The most effective feature is the real-time statistics on your Twitter campaigns, which will help you alter them for maximum effect.

TweetBeep: This tool works well with Twitter to supply you with information on activity on your Twitter account. It allows you to oversee what people are tweeting about in regards to your brand and its products. TweetBeep aids you in the management of brand’s reputation on Twitter so it is a valuable tool if trying to promote on the social networking site.

HootSuite: Another tool to use if you are using Twitter to market your brand is HootSuite. It monitors Twitter trends and helps you identify trending keywords. You can then use the keywords when scheduling tweets via the HootSuite dashboard for maximum attention. Despite being focused on Twitter, it can integrate your Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, MySpace and Google+. Once connected, you can manage all your campaigns via one dashboard.

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