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Twitter Marketing for the Rest of Us

twitter-slide-2I have no doubt that Twitter is world’s most powerful and popular social networking platform amongst business and enterprise users. It’s quick, incredibly simple to use and a large number of businesses are jumping on to the Twitter bandwagon with each passing day.

However, there are a significant number of businesses and enterprises who’ve not adopted Twitter as yet due to one of the following reasons

  • I don’t have the time do to it
  • It won’t work for my business
  • It’s just too complex
  • It’s not worth the effort

Being a social media coach for the enterprise; let me tell you – all these arguments are lame excuses. Twitter represents one of the most innovative and powerful modern age marketing tools.

How does it work?

Getting on to Twitter is quick and easy. Sign up, build your profile and then start looking for your target audience. Build a Tweet Plan and follow it without fail. Twitter works effectively for varied marketing campaigns – be it lead generation, brand engagement or pitching a specific product/ service to prospect customers.

Tweets are not only quick; they are mighty efficient as well. 140 characters may not sound a lot but it’s more than ample if you’ve got the right marketing strategy in place.

It’s crucial to have a clear goal and well-defined objectives in mind. As compared to other marketing means, Twitter (Tweets to be precise) has a much shorter attention span. Therefore, you want to make the best out of whatever limited attention you get from prospect customers.

Individual or Business Presence?

This is yet another dilemma of most Twitter wannabe businesses. Should they register as individual users or is it advisable to register the brand itself? While some critics argue that it’s better to register as a person rather than a brand, I don’t really buy that argument. While I agree that people like to talk to people, I strongly believe that an effective marketing campaign is powerful enough to let people talk directly to the brand. If not, the campaign is not worth it.

Contests and Giveaways

I’ve come across several brands which have became runaway success on Twitter by adopting simple yet innovative means. Contests, Goodies, Freebies and Giveaways are a highly effective way of getting people to follow you and to retweet your messages. It is highly viral in nature and leads to exponential growth results.

Do’s and Don’ts

It’s easy to find thousands of so-called best-practices, do’s and don’ts for Twitter. With all due respect, I believe that Twitter is 80% common sense and 20% education. As an enterprise, it’s after all a conversation to sell or market something. The rules of conventional marketing don’t change – all you need to do is adapt them in accordance with the Tweeterverse.

How do you know it’s working right?

For a start, your follower count is a good indication of how popular you are in Tweetverse. Secondly, it isn’t difficult to find out which Twitter followers are now your customers. If you can’t do it manually, there are several third party tools to assist you in doing the same. In addition, there are several free tools which help you monitor your reputation on Twitter.

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