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The Secret to Getting a Popular Blogger to Review Your Product

Fashionable bloggers are bombarded with pitches and emails, typically a whole bunch in a single day. As an entrepreneur, how are you going to minimize by the litter and get your product in entrance of the appropriate particular person, on the proper time?

At GrowthLab.com, the place entrepreneurs go to launch and develop their on-line enterprise, we’ve seen hundreds of product pitches. Most are unfocused and rambling. They fight too arduous to be intelligent as an alternative of getting proper to the purpose. Don’t be that individual.

Right here’s an e-mail script that exhibits the correct technique to get a blogger’s consideration. You’ll discover a number of issues. First, he will get proper to the purpose within the second paragraph. Second, he personalizes the message with a name out to the blogger’s work (with a web page quantity). Lastly, he provides credibility with a hyperlink to his success tales.

Try the e-mail script beneath.

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