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The Hidden Benefits of the New Facebook Pages

new-facebook-page-title-imageFacebook continues to ring in usability changes and improvements. After revamping user profiles in December, the world’s most popular social network yesterday announced that it’s updating “Facebook Pages” to provide businesses with new tools to customize their pages and interact with consumers more easily and quickly.

The latest round of changes is Facebook’s attempt at making Pages resemble user profiles. While it’s a keen jerk reaction to dismiss these changes as an unprecedented move, a thoughtful analysis would reveal that it’s a welcome change which is likely to help (and not hamper) business users.

Facebook says that the revamped Pages feature provides better communication, more opportunities for expression and improved relevancy. And for once, I fully agree with Zuckerberg and co. Here’s why!

How the new Facebook Pages look?

Once you upgrade your Facebook Page to the new format, a navigation menu will appear to the left of the page’s wall, and the row of tabs will disappear from the top of the page. The page’s information now resides below the page’s main title.

To be honest, I’ve never been fond of the plain tabular approach. Therefore, I’m pleased that Facebook has finally decided to do away with it and adopt a panel of links on the left side of the Page beneath the profile picture. There’s a default tab for the Wall and you will be able to select between “Everyone” and “Page posts only.” The “Everyone” option will show the most relevant posts — according to Facebook. It is a way to serve quality content to your visitors.
The revamped Pages have a photo strip above the wall that displays the latest photos the Page has tagged itself in. All in all, a nice and compact look as compared to the cluttered pages that existed earlier.

Change is for good

It’s often said that to change is difficult, but not to change is fatal. Facebook’s revamped Pages offer a number of never seen before features including the ability for admins to browse Facebook as a page and interact with other pages. What’s more – Page administrators can choose to receive email notifications of activities on the page. Admins also have the option of organizing the content in their page’s wall.

Page administrators have an option to preview and manually activate the new Pages over the next few weeks. The revamped Facebook Pages will automatically come into effect on March 10.

How it benefits your Business?

Perhaps, one of the lesser advertised but most important features as part of this upgrade is the ability to use a customized landing page. This offers enormous amount of flexibility as it’s the first thing that visitors see when they reach your Page.

Since the new look pages resemble the profile look, it’s finally possible for businesses to have coherent profiles and pages. Until now, having a consistent look and feel across profile and pages was nearly impossible. I’m glad Facebook has fixed this sooner than later.

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