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The 9 most annoying things every designer does

9-annoying-things-every-designer-doesThere are reasons not to date a designer and there are reason todate a designer but one thing’s for sure – dating a designer will never be dull. Designers can however, have a few annoying traits. The team over at Spiralytics decided to investigate with resident designer Jevie Palalay describing what she thinks are the nine most annoying traits of a designer.

“I think I speak for every designer when I say that this job changes how we think and act in the outside world without even realizing it. Some good, but some are downright annoying for non-designers, especially for those who date us,” she explains.


From buying products purely for their packaging to critiquing absolutely everything you see, it could be said that working as a designer has a pretty huge impact on your life. Take a look at Palalay’s list and see if you agree with any or all of them.


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