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The 50 most iconic brand mascots

mascotsSome of the most iconic brands didn’t just have logos on their side, they also produced some of the most recognisable brand mascots in design history. From the cute to the quirky, those little characters instantly connect you to the brand. The team atGlotech Repairs decided to create an infographic that brings them all together.

“It’s a visual representation of some of the most recognisable design figures in marketing and gives an interesting insight into each of the brands,” they explain. Popular figures such as Tony the Tiger, Colonel Sanders and Ronald McDonald help to make up our list of the most iconic brand mascots.

“It may even teach you a thing or two along the way, such as did you know that Nintendo mascot, Mario, has appeared in more than 200 video games? Or that the Sun-Maid Girl is based on a real person?” Take a look at the infographic – you might even learn something new about your favourite brand mascot.



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