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Social Media and the Art of Marketing to Baby Boomer Generation

8468788107_255777d512_bIf you thought social media is just popular with the young generation, let me correct you. A recent study titled “Older Adults and Social Media” from Pew Research Center Publications indicates that the 50+ crowd is flocking to social media in huge numbers. While a large majority of these users resort to social media to “stay connected”, a fairly substantial proportion are not averse to using social media for looking for their shopping needs.

What Generation Gap?

Social Media has been a wonderful advocate to bridge the so-called “Generation Gap” between the older generation and the teen age. It serves as a ubiquitous medium to bring together people from all age groups and provides a wonderful way of keeping grandparents connected with their grandchildren.

Professional Contacts

The Pew report also indicates that the older generation is increasingly using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in order to connect with their professional contacts, people who’re currently working with them or the ones with whom they’ve worked in the past.

Marketing to Baby Boomer Generation

Facebook and Twitter aren’t just marketing tools for indolent teenagers; they provide a very effective media to reach out to the older adults, especially the baby boomer generation. As an online business, it’s a big mistake to believe that Facebook and Twitter are effective as marketing tools only for the youth segment. Make sure that your social media aligned marketing strategy addresses the crucial segment of consumers 50 years of age or older.

One of the biggest reasons behind the increasing popularity of social media amongst the older generation is the “convenience” it provides. If you are looking for people’s opinion or reviews on a certain product, just hop on to Twitter or Facebook. From an income perspective, the older generation represents a significant, large and relatively wealthy segment of North America’s population, so to ignore them in your social media marketing plans can prove to be a big mistake.

If your business operates in healthcare, this segment represents a massive business opportunity. An increasing number of older adults are flocking to social media to seek online support for a number of diseases and health issues.

Social Engagement

People in the golden years of their lives often feel lonely. Social networks such as Facebook & Twitter not only help them overcome their loneliness, it more importantly helps them engage socially with others. They feel happy to be an integral part of the society and are always willing to be involved in meaningful discussions.

Tweeting in the golden years

While the popularity of Facebook amongst the oldies is understandable, the Pew report surprisingly points out that Twitter is quite popular amongst baby boomer generation. They love it as it provides a fast and efficient way to connect with others and express their thoughts. Tweeting in the golden years isn’t an exception any longer; in fact, it’s increasingly becoming the norm these days.

Though Twitter doesn’t even come close to email in terms of mass adoption amongst the baby boomer generation, it’s still heartening to see that tweets are no longer aliens to a large number of older adults.

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