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Nielsen Android app Earn £50/year to let an app track your phone

Nielsen Android appEarn £50year to let an app track your phoneIt’s the Android app that pays you for nowt. Market research firm Nielsen gives gift vouchers for letting it track your smartphone’s normal activity. MoneySavers report that they can’t even tell it’s running, and typically grab £50 a year.

Just sign up to the Nielsen Mobile Panel, install the free app and log in on your phone. Then just do what you would do normally. Nielsen says it’s currently working on an iPhone version of the app too.

The company pays in vouchers, including Amazon, John Lewis, Boots and Debenhams (do read our Gift voucher warning first). It doesn’t pay automatically – you need to log on to claim rewards.

How much can you make?

The app pays up to £50 per year, and most MoneySavers earn £5ish a month. There’s no trick to boost this – you just have to use the phone as you normally would. Forumite im-lost says: “I’ve been using Neilsen for nearly 18 months, and it’s mostly £5 points a month, although there have been a couple of £10s credited.”

What will Nielsen do with my data?

The app monitors your phone’s usage, including sites you visit, phone call length and apps you download.

Nielsen is an established market research company. It says it will keep your data private, and will never access personal messages or share data that could indentify you personally. Read its privacy policy before signing up.

How much mobile data will it use?

The app only uses a small amount of data, so shouldn’t mean any extra mobile web charges. Downloading the app will use 260 KB. It then uses 300-600 KB a month to send usage reports over your data connection.

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