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Marketing with Facebook in an Ad-resistant Generation

facebook-marketing-uitbestedenFacebook’s has undergone a phenomenal transition in the last couple of years. It started off as a college photo sharing site a couple of years ago and is now emerging as a leading online marketing powerhouse. There is no doubt that Facebook is quickly moving up the ladder amongst all online advertising techniques. Most people get frustrated if they see a plethora of advertisements on any website so Facebook should be used judiciously for online marketing.

I’m often quizzed on what makes Facebook a great marketing tool and how can online marketers make the best use of Facebook’s marketing capabilities. In this post, I walk you through all important aspects of marketing with Facebook.

It’s all About the Traffic

Gigya, a company that builds power sharing widgets on more than 5,000 content sites, including major players like ABC.com and Reuters, recently published stats on distribution of worldwide social media traffic.

Facebook leads the pack and accounts for as much as 44% media traffic. In comparison, Twitter has a 29% share, Yahoo – 18% and MySpace – 9%. Further, when you talk about traffic directed to social media sites via news and entertainment sites, Facebook’s stats are even more impressive.

A recent Complete.com report indicates that Facebook has overtaken Yahoo as the number-two most popular site in Unites States. Where there’s traffic, there’s a massive opportunity for marketing and Facebook is no exception to this rule.

Fan Pages Boost Sales & Customer Loyalty

Harvard Business Review has recently unveiled a study, which indicates that Facebook Fan Pages, which I’ll now refer to as ‘Like Pages’ according to recent Facebook updates, are a very effective way for a business to boost its sales and to ensure customer loyalty. Most customers believe that Facebook has changed the customer behavior for the better.

Many people often argue that do they really need a Fan Page if their business already has a website? The answer is YES. A Fan Page is not a substitute for your business website. It offers a fantastic medium for customers to reach out to you and to other customers associated with your business. A website is usually one-way communication where you educate customers about your business. In contrast, Fan Pages are all about establishing a dialogue with your customers and getting them engaged in conversations.

You can showcase photos and videos of your products on your Facebook Fan Page. You can run polls and encourage users to participate by offering free gifts. Schedule events and competitions on your Facebook page and get customers involved. A Facebook Fan Page is a great way to increase traffic to your website to boost online revenues.

Facebook as a Support Medium

Facebook offers a great online forum for answering customer queries, marketing new products and offering support. You can push support messages and provide sneak-peaks into your future launches. Just make sure that your marketing messages are not too pushy, otherwise it defeats the purpose and is likely to annoy rather than impress your customers.

Most customers love it when their queries get answered quickly. Facebook allows you to post real-time responses to ensure high customer satisfaction levels.

Mobile Access

Nearly all major smartphones offer applications for Facebook. Therefore, you don’t even need a computer to access your Facebook account. Mobile access exponentially increases the reach of Facebook.

You don’t need to go through the hassle of switching on your computer and connecting to the internet. Just open the Facebook app on your phone and you’re all set. As an online marketer, make sure that you develop a Facebook app for your business and allow customers to use it for free/ minimal price. This is a great way of increasing your fan following on Facebook.

Facebook can yield excellent results as an online marketing tool, if used and targeted properly. Do you have a Facebook marketing success-story to share? I’d love to hear from you, so be sure to share them here.

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