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Make Money From CPA Affiliate Programs

affiliate-marketingCPA or Cost Per Action is a form of affiliate marketing in which affiliates make money for every action made by the traffic they send.This action can be of many types,giving Email Address,Zip code,Phone Number or giving Credit Card details and more.This is very exciting form of making money online because you do not need to sell anything.Rather you get paid for sending traffic to the advertisers’ website that take some action.

Unlike other affiliate networks CPA affiliate networks prefer experienced affiliate marketers.So if you already have some success in affiliate marketing and an established website you can apply to join a CPA Network.Normally a complete newbie would find it difficult to get accepted in any CPA network.Also most of the CPA affiliate networks are based in the USA and their advertisers are also US based.So,they prefer those webmaster who are capable of bringing US traffic.That doesn’t mean you’ll have to be an US resident to be a part of a CPA network.But the majority of your traffic should be from the US,whatever marketing method you use.

Almost all the CPA networks require you to have your own established website.You need to provide your URL during the signing up process.Some networks may contact you via phone to check your knowledge and interest in the business.For some networks you need to take the initiative and call the affiliate manager after completing the signing up process to check the status of your application.Unlike traditional affiliate networks CPA networks are hard to get accepted into.

Different CPA networks have different rules regarding the source of traffic,quality of leads and more.Before jumping into any program make sure you have gone through the rules and regulations very carefully.Lots of marketers use blackhat methods to increase their revenue.That’s why CPA networks give more importance on the quality of the leads.This helps the advertisers stay safe from the fraudulent leads and loss of money.

CPA programs are very popular among the affiliate marketers simply because of the fact that they get paid to provide leads.You don’t need to put in lots of efforts to sale a $169 software,rather you just need to get your traffic to sign up with the advertisers and you get paid red hot money for that.

Here is list of few better CPA Networks:-

  • Maxbounty
  • NeverBlue
  • CPAWay
  • CPALead
  • OfferQuest

There are many more of these networks that you can work with.Making money with CPA programs is easy,since you do not always need to make a sale to get paid.

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