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Is Signing Up With A Blog Directory Worth The Trouble?

blog-directory-1blog directory used to be an integral tool for any blogger. Since the dawn of the Internet there have been web logs, or “blogs,” and since the dawn of blogs there have been directories.

Before search engines became as sophisticated as they are today, bloggers would spend countless hours submitting each entry to a “blog directory.” The blog directory would then give their site a much needed boost in search engine rankings, and thus help bloggers get more traffic to their site.

Recently a lot of bloggers have been questioning if it’s even worth it spending all this time submitting a blog entry to a directory. Nowadays search engines use different criteria than they did 10 years ago to help give blogs and other websites a boost in search engines. Are directories redundant now? Or are they still worth your time?

Why A Blog Directory May Be A Good Investment Of Your Time

This can still be worth your time. It still can help boost your ranking in search engines, and it still can also increase your traffic. What you have to bear in mind though is that it really depends on the blog directory that you submit it to.

First, make sure that the one you are submitting it to is one that is popular and notoriously profitable (we’ll provide a list of these blog directories in a second). If it isn’t popular, then chances are that you won’t get the traffic you want.

When you do get on with a popular one, you can gather up some great links. These links will definitely help build up the ranking of your blog, so it may be worth your while if you’re looking to build up more traffic. Bear in mind that apart from choosing a directory that is popular, you should also make sure that:

  • You choose the correct category for your site to be in (this can be hard since every blog directory seems to have completely different categories)
  • You write a good, unique description for each and every one you are submitting to. You want the description to match up with the category you are submitting your site to.
  • Not only will you get inbound links and a potential increase in traffic, but a blog directory will also list all of the blogs that are of the same niche as you. This can be pretty valuable, as it will allow you to see just who your competition is and what they’re doing with their own blogs. Feel free to check out what they’re doing and copy them if necessary, tweaking whatever idea here and there so that it suits your own style.

TIP: Checking out the competition also means that you will be able to find some advertisers who may be interested in your blog, and you can also locate potential future link exchange partners.

Are Blog Directories Hard To Be Accepted Into?

Depending on the blog directory, it can take a bit of time to actually have your site successfully posted to any blog directory. Each one does have their own set of submission guidelines, with some being more stringent than others. It’s important that you read up on these guidelines before you submit your site so that you know that you’re not just wasting your time.

Some good general guidelines are:

  • Submit just your blog’s URL. This means no websites, no forums, or anything else. Make sure the URL is to your blog’s homepage.
  • Make sure that your content is original and that it isn’t a duplicate or something else. Unoriginal or plagiarized content is not accepted (most blog directories use tools like Copyscape to see if you’re copying work)
  • Most blog directories won’t accept anything that is obscene or pornographic.
  • You have to update regularly. If you’re just getting started, chances are that you’ll be put “on hold” and the company will check later to see if you’re updating your blog frequently.

Favorite Blog Directories

If you’ve decided to go all the way and submit your website to some directories out there, best of luck! Below we’ve listed some of the best blog directories out there (note: some of them charge a fee and others don’t):

Bloggeries: This one makes it on almost any top ten list for blog directories. You can check out a large selection of blogs or submit your own, but it does come with a fee. At over $50 for a basic listing each year, it’s not cheap. But if you’re serious aboutblogging, this is the site to use.

Registered members also have access to forums where discussions about marketing, themes, SEO, content creation, and other interesting topics are always on the go. You can get some real valuable insight off of this site which may make that $50 worth your while.

BlogCatalog: Another directory that is amongst the most favorite for bloggers. Basic listings with BlogCatalog are free for anyone who’s registered, though there are a variety of different fees that you can pay based on how you want to promote your blog. Most users like this since you can really control how much you’re paying, and what kind of services you’re getting. Registration is quick, but it may take at least a couple of days for your blog to appear. All blogs are reviewed and verified before being added to the directory.

BOTW Blog Directory: Also known as “Best of the Web,” this blog directory is one that you definitely want to have your website listed. Renowned as being particular and picky about what makes it on to their directory, getting on to this site can skyrocket your blog’s success. The fee isn’t cheap, being well over $100 per year to have your blog reviewed. A “free submit” option is available, but there’s no guarantee that your website will ever be reviewed.

BOTW also offers you the chance to be a volunteer editor.

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