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How to Use Twitter to Build Relationship with Local Media

twitter-logoWhile it’s well known that Twitter is a great marketing tool for online businesses, not many marketers realize its importance as a medium to bring strong relationship with local media. Twitter is a blessing for small businesses and is heavily armed with a set of powerful tools for local marketing.

How can Twitter help you build relationships with local media? Let’s find out.

Find your neighbors

It is easy to find users and businesses in your neighborhood using the Advanced Search feature on Twitter. You can enter the postal code of the desired region and specify the distance for target region in miles/ kilometers. From the list of tweets, search the people whom you want to follow and send them a Follower request. IMO, it is advisable to search for local media and get associated with them on Twitter. This can help spread the word about your business in the local community.

There are a number of third-party tools which can effectively locate Twitter users in your vicinity. I personally like ChirpCity and NearbyTweets for finding Twitters users in my local community.

Create a Community

Once you’ve found the target customers in your geographical proximity, the next step is to engage them actively with your business. I recommend creating a community of such local users. A community offers a win-win situation for all parties – your customers get a platform to interact amongst themselves and with your business and you benefit from the reduced risk of people losing interest in your business and un-following you.

Getting connected to Twitter users in your local area is of no use if can not sustain these relationships. Communities are a great way of ensuring that your relationships do not die down as time passes. Do not forget that your competitors are also trying hard to steal the limelight in local media. Getting local media engaged with your business can be beneficial to you and provides a competitive advantage.

Twitter Trends

IMO, the Local Trends feature in Twitter is one of the most effective ways for a business to monitor its online reputation. It’s a free service and mighty effective in determining how well or how badly your business is doing on Twitter, what is the local community tweeting about your business and what is their opinion about your local competitors.

Many small businesses build products for the local community. However, they find it difficult to narrow down their target customer base to areas in geographical vicinity for their location. Twitter allows such businesses to focus on local areas and identify potential customers in the local community.

Local Events, Product Launches

Spread the word about local events and new product launches on Twitter. Encourage your followers to retweet these messages so that it reaches out the maximum number of people. This is a great way to build a buzz about your product in the local community.

Further, make sure that you participate actively in the relevant local events (business Meetups, conferences, road shows) and spread the word about it on Twitter. This helps establish your brand’s reputation in the local media.

Twitter has now reached a landmark figure of 15 billion tweets and sees nearly 2 billion tweets every month. This should give you an idea of Twitter’s amazing popularity and the massive potential for promoting your business in the local media. If you are not using Twitter to build relationships with local media, you are missing out on a big opportunity!

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