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How to Use Twitter in Your Local Market

twitter-logoTwitter has shattered marketing records one after the other, in the last one year or so. And it continues to re-write the modern books of marketing. While there is little doubt that Twitter is a smart marketing tool, it needs smart users to make its best use. One of the areas where I personally consider Twitter to be the most effective marketing weapon is to reach out to your local audience.

Though Twitter’s worldwide popularity is unparallel and it’s a great global platform, it has some of the smartest local features I’ve seen in any social media tool till date. So, why do I believe that Twitter is a fantastic local marketing tool? Let me walk through my list of good reasons.

Find Locals

I love the way Twitter lets you search for local users. Search by location is by far the most important feature in local marketing and Twitter’s local search is remarkably accurate. Just type in your postal code and start connecting with Twitter users around you. Follow them and start a meaningful conversation. If you do this reasonably well, you’ll soon have a well-established local customer community for your business.

Local Twitter Lists

Twitter List is perhaps the most unglamorous feature of world’s most popular micro-blogging site. It’s unfortunate that only a handful of users realize the value that it offers to their business. It is a handy way to organize your local followers. Create a list for your local area and start adding people to follow. Do the same for multiple towns in your vicinity. When you want to launch a new marketing campaign for any town, just pick the relevant list and you’re all set.

Lists help a business keep their followers well organized and neatly separated into relevant categories.

Promote Your Twitter List

Now that you’ve created a list of your local customers, spread the word regarding the list. Encourage more people to follow you in order to get them on the list. Community building always pays off and lists let you expand your community in a hassle-free manner.


Just in case you are wondering what a Tweetup is, it refers to a Twitter Meetup – a real life face to face meeting with your followers. Invite your followers for a cup of coffee or beverage and ask them to spread the word about it on Twitter. Look for sponsorship opportunities and don’t be shy to collaborate with others in order to make your Tweetups successful.


Customers love bargains and discounts. I’m aware of several thousands of successful promotional discount schemes launched by various companies in order to spread the word regarding their products and services. It doesn’t harm to lower your profits for a while in order to build relationships and turn prospects into customers. Look at promotions as part of a long-term marketing strategy, not as a one-off event to pick up declining sales.

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