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How to Tweet Your Way to a Global Brand

twitter_logo-13-pngEnough has been said about Twitter being a great tool for local branding. You can search followers in your geographical area, connect with them and establish a great local brand. There are thousands of success stories where Twitter has worked wonderfully well as a tool for establishing a brand locally.

But creating a global brand is an altogether different ballgame. Does Twitter offer any features in order to establish your business as a leading global brand? Are its branding capabilities as effective for global brands as for local brands? Let’s find out.

Ubiquitous Social Network

Twitter is by-far the most ubiquitous social network ever-built. It is used by people all over the world from several countries, different age groups, varied ethnicities and contrasting cultures. As long as you have a phone with an internet connection, you don’t even need a computer to access Twitter.

The point I’m making here is that Twitter’s reach is unparallel. What’s more, its subscriber base is growing at a phenomenal rate. As a business, it offers you a huge reach of prospect customers all over the world.

Your Language, Your Choice

Language is often the biggest deterrent for businesses when they reach out to a global audience. Twitter offers you the freedom to use your own language for communication. It supports a number of foreign languages including French, Spanish, Italian, German, etc.

If that’s not all, there are several thousands of free Twitter translation tools which can convert your tweets into your local language. Doesn’t matter where you live and what language you speak, Twitter offers a universal language for communication – Tweets!


Therefore, Twitter offers a global marketplace where businesses and buyers with different geographical and linguistic backgrounds find a common ground to communicate effectively.


The Simpler, the Better

When it comes to establishing a global brand, you need to keep things simple. What may be a perfect strategy for a brand in a certain country, may spell doomsday in another. Twitter is all about simplicity. It is highly advisable to keep your tweets simple yet informational. If it’s easy to understand, people will read it and possibly retweet it. If a customer doesn’t understand what a business is tweeting about, you need to set things right.


Twitter has been an astonishing success story for branding. Several global brands use Twitter to launch promotions, announce product launches, offer instantaneous customer support, answer customer queries and solicit feedback about their products and services.

Twitter is a great brand ambassador for any business. Informational and attractive tweets can lead to a stupendous increase in traffic on your corporate blog or company website. Dynamism is a key component of efficient branding. Twitter is a “real time” social network so it’s a great proponent for spreading dynamism.

When compared to other Web 2.0 technologies like RSS, Twitter is much faster and lot more interactive – both these factors being crucial in determining how successful a branding campaign can be.

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