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How to Turn Your Tweets into Profits

profitsIs it possible to turn your tweets into profits? Can those 140 odd characters get transformed into dollar signs? How do you earn money out of Twitter? How can I profit from Twitter?

If these are the questions which haunt you, you are at the right place to get the perfect answers.

Tweets attract customers; customers bring-in the cash

There’s no rocket science involved in understanding how you can gain monetary benefits out of Twitter. All you need to do is stick to the basics and do to them right, day in and day out. Make sure that your tweets are informational and interesting and they encourage customers to visit your business website.

The greater the number of impressions on your website, there’s a greater chance of having a better prospect-to-customer conversion ratio.

Encourage your followers to retweet

Retweeting is the only way your tweets can reach people who are not following you on Twitter. Therefore, encourage your followers to retweet your messages and help you out. Retweeting works in a chain, your followers retweet your messages, your follower’s followers reweet the messages and so on.

Turn to tools


There are plenty of good tools which help you get more traffic and earn money through Twitter. IMO, TweetGlide is amongst the best tools to be used if you are serious about earning money from Twitter. Not only does it allow you to advertise your products and services without spamming users, it also lets you sell products as an affiliate or on your own. As an icing on the cake, it has some really cool sales tracking features and integrates well with Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s fast, simple to use and produces effective results.

Such applications can get you free Twitter traffic that grows pretty fast with time.

Sponsored Tweets


Twitter has recently announced a plan to allow advertisers to post sponsored tweets near the top of some search pages that tie in relation to certain keywords.  These tweets will be known as ‘Promoted Tweets’ and would work similar to how Google’s sponsored ads work.

The report also suggests that a hybrid approach is the best way forward when considering HTML5 for video email marketing – use both HTML5 and animated GIFs depending on the requirements. Video is one of the most compelling ways in order to make an online marketing campaign attractive as it makes an instant connection with viewers.

Join Twitter Advertising Networks


If you haven’t heard of Magpie, you are missing out on a big opportunity to make profit from Twitter. Magpie is the original Twitter advertising network and a must-join for all online marketers. You can setup campaigns, join conversations and do a bunch of other useful stuff.

Further, you earn money (30% of the transaction fees) for any new advertisers who sign up through your personal referral link.  Spread the word about Magpie and encourage your friends to sign-up. It’s a win-win situation for you as well as your friends.

To conclude, Twitter and profit go hand in hand. Just ensure that you do the basics right and enjoy the unmatched monetary benefits of Twitter boost your business.

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