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How to Turn Your Tweeting Buddy into a Paying Customer

twitter-logo-2010As a business, getting a large number of targeted audience to “follow you” on Twitter is only half the battle won. There’s an equally important other half to it as well – turning your tweeting buddies into paying customers.
It’s a much better proposition for a business to have 100 followers and have a follower to customer churn ratio of 2:1, thereby leading to 50 new customers rather than having 1000 followers and having a churn percentage of 1 per cent, resulting in just 10 customers. While quantity of Twitter followers is important, quality is crucial as well.

So, what’s the secret mantra to turn your tweeting buddies into customers who bring in more revenue and more profits for your business? Let’s find out.

Humans are after all humans

It’s a natural tendency in human beings that we value our connections. As compared to strangers or new businesses, we place more trust in companies and businesses with whom we’re already associated. Therefore, if a user is associated with your brand or business as a follower on Twitter, he is likely to feel more comfortable opting for your offerings as compared to a competitor.

Promotions and Discounts

You must ensure that your Twitter followers see the advantages by getting associated with your business. Throw-in some cool discounts or exclusive promotional offers just for your Twitter followers in order to make them feel special. As long as they know they are in safe hands and will be taken good care of, they will stick with your business as loyal customers.

Twitter Directories

Several Twitter Directory services like WeFollow and MrTweet are helping businesses grow their business online. These directories provide recommendations and suggestions to users and can play a crucial role in determining how well your business does on Twitter.

As a business, make sure that you join these top rated Twitter directories in order to get maximum exposure for your business.

Showcase your expertise

Most customers prefer to choose offerings from expert businesses over novice/ newcomer companies. Twitter is a great social media platform to showcase your expertise and demonstrate just how well your business is. Listen to what your prospects have to say and guide them on the issues that they are facing. Answer customer queries and help them out with their problems. A word of caution – don’t be too pushy or promotional while showcasing what you are good at. While Good promotion = Good business, bad promotion = 2 x Bad Business. It’s as simple as that!

If you are the best in your business, let your Twitter users know about it. It boosts your customer’s trust and confidence in your abilities.

Turning a Twitter follow to a customer isn’t a mountainous task. All it requires is a well planned strategy, good execution and a strong desire. Twitter solves one half of the puzzle for you by bringing you in direct contact with millions of prospect customers. It is up to you to solve the other half in order to maximize the benefits of Twitter for your business.

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