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How To Start Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketingGiven that you know that the online affiliate marketing business is really profitable, it’s time to take the 1st step, or rather the first 4 steps.

In this post I will expose the 4 key steps you need to take. They are things I wish I had done from the beginning. I believe it’s going to save you some time. Actually, even if affiliate marketing is not too tricky, you can easily be confused and get stuck in a routine of unproductive actions.

So, let’s get going, ok?


1) Look for a product to promote and look for a niche to promote that product to. The product can be physical (an object) or virtual (an ebook or software). For physical products, you can set up an affiliate account on Amazon . com or CJ.com. For virtual products, you can do the same thing on Clickbank.com.

How do I start affiliate marketing? By learning to target. Don’t select a broad niche, it’s a waste of time. Narrow it down. In case you promote a weight-loss product, focus on women seeking to lose their double chin before their wedding day as opposed to… just overweight women.

2) Create a website or blog (with WordPress) or only a “lens” on Squidoo.com (if you don’t feel like owning a website for now) about the product(s) you are promoting. Create high-quality, informative content. Don’t push people to buy, just recommend products.

Write in the first person but do not talk too much about yourself, speak about your visitors, the things the product you’re recommending can bring to THEM. That’s what matters to them. Use your style, be funny (or try to..!), don’t be too formal. Make sure you put pictures as well. People love them!

3) Build a list (with Aweber) if you have your own website or blog. Offer something valuable to your website visitors in return for their email address in order for you to build a list of subscribers that are potential buyers. Communicate with them by email (like a newsletter) a couple of times per week.

They most likely didn’t buy the 1st time they came across the product(s) you are promoting so having them on your list is an opportunity to promote to them by email. Try to find the appropriate balance between helpful free content and promotion. Bear in mind they can unsubscribe at any time. Make them stay.

4) Create backlinks to your site (links placed on other sites that point to your site) fir Google to value your site and place it high in the search engine results (SERP) for the keyword you’re targeting.

Backlinks can be created through article marketing (place a link at the bottom of your article), social bookmarking, profile backlinks, forums signatures, blog commenting.. Basically anywhere you can put a link to your site. Of course if you’re doing article marketing and want to drive traffic to your site via your articles, you have to create backlinks to your articles.

Backlinking has to be consistent and look natural to Google (a few varied backlinks to your site per day).

Those 4 steps are extremely important. Do things at your own pace but DO them. The lack of consistency definitely will be your worst enemy. Break the all process down in uncomplicated daily tasks and follow them.

Is That Actually All It Take?

No. Scary, right? I’m kidding, taking these four steps is a sure way to start without wasting time. Naturally there are some other affiliate marketing techniques to learn but just like in every business, you’re gonna learn them in situation.

Don’t freak out if you come across something you don’t know yet. Keep a clear mind and avoid feeling overwhelmed by the techy terms and billion techniques you might hear about. Bear in mind that your mindset is  a crucial part of the success you can get as an affiliate marketer and that you don’t need to apply all the affiliate marketing techniques that exist. No. You need to pick one and stick to it. Analyze the results and alter it if needed.

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