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How to Market a Business on a Shoestring with Twitter

twitterIf you planned to start and market a business without much money a few years back, you’d be a dead duck. Those days, a shoestring marketing budget wouldn’t fetch you any significant returns. However, things have changed considerably in the last couple of years, especially with the ongoing Twitter revolution.
Be it a small company, a startup or a one-person shop, almost every business needs to market its products and services. Twitter comes in handy as a marketing resource in such cases where financial resources are limited and companies are operating on shoestring budgets.

Not every business realizes that its shoestring budget and availability of limited financial resources is actually a blessing in disguise. It keeps you on your toes and you’ve to be smart and proactive.

Twitter is low-cost, high-impact

All good things in this world are free and so is Twitter. Of course, there’s a cost of internet access involved but its nominal and something that won’t worry most businesses. I personally believe that Twitter offers a great platform to showcase its creativity and innovative offerings in order to gain maximum business advantage. If you build an impressive Twitter profile and maintain it well, you don’t need a jazzy and expensive website with tons of bells and whistles.

Strategy is crucial

Since Twitter is free, most businesses don’t really bother to develop and follow a strategy to use it. This is a common mistake and it can prove costly for businesses which are cash-starved anyway.

I recommend having a well-defined Twitter plan in place for your business. Clearly identify your target market and how you are going to reach out to them. Make sure that your tweets serve as a strong marketing message and create genuine interest from your followers and prospect customers.

The key to marketing success on Twitter is the ability to build and sustain relationships. Be it an established organization or a business operating on a shoestring budget, relationships are a vital piece of the Twitter marketing puzzle. You keep your followers happy, they will reciprocate the gesture. If you ignore them, your business is heading for some serious trouble.

Further, you should focus on long-term gains rather than short-term tradeoffs. If launching a discount scheme or a promotion on Twitter can help you build a customer base by lowering your profit margins for the time being, it is totally worth the effort.

Third party tools

I love Twitter because it offers an unmatched collection of third-party tools which provide tremendous business value. Whether its list building tools or traffic analyzers, most such apps are either free or cost a nominal amount. The best part is that these tools automatically recover their cost in virtually no time after you start using them.

Not everybody is born with a sliver spoon in their mouth, so there’s no reason to worry if you are starting a business from scratch. As your free marketing buddy, Twitter is always there by your side. It’s up to you to make the best possible use of this micro-blogging service to establish your business.

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