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How To Make A Post Go Viral Through Social Media

social-media-marketingSocial media marketing can be a great resource to any blogger. Having social media accounts is essential to feeding your latest content through different channels.

Social media accounts with Facebook and Twitter give you the ability to put out content and increase the chance of your posts going viral. However, if you don’t know what kind of content is most likely to go viral you will not be able to get the traffic or subscriptions to your feeds. Here are a few ways to help your posts go viral through social media.

Be Informed

It’s no secret that the Internet changes on a daily basis. When you are not informed of the changing landscape of the World Wide Web you will not be able to make comments on what you like or dislike about upcoming technology releases. Subscribe to media sites that are on the front lines of different methods used for marketing and Internet technology. Sites like Reddit, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Mashable will give you up to date information on the latest technology and methods for your blogging platform.

Go Against The Experts

Just because you’re not an expert doesn’t mean that you can’t go against them. If you read an article and you don’t really see how a new social media website or marketingmethod is going to help conversions or traffic, talk about it in a post. Don’t’ be a jerk, but express your concerns and why you don’t think that the experts are right. This is a good method of making a post go viralbecause it goes against the grain and everybody loves finding out why they don’t have to buy into new technology. Use your social media accounts to promote the post and you should see an increase in traffic to your blog.

Share Expert Knowledge

If you are going against some experts, it’s only natural that you would agree with other experts. If you read a post that you really like or find a new method of marketing, share it with your readers. The Google Panda updates are designed to give better rankings for websites that have quality link outs so be sure to put a link to the article or post on your blog. This will increase your authority online and can help your readers find information they can put to good use. Proper citation of where you get your information is always recommended so you don’t get flagged for duplicated content.

Joining Fan Pages

Joining fan pages on Facebook is a good way to get traffic to your blog based on a niche. For instance, if you are running a blog about acne, join the fan pages for different acne products that you recommend on your site. Make it a goal to comment on the fan page at least once a week. Your comments should be helpful to other people on the page. Include link outs to product reviews as well as your own blog.

When you are telling other people about different reviews, it’s essential to keep a ratio of about 1/5 per your links. In other words, for every link that you put out for your own site, you should be putting out 5 links to other sites. This way, people will see that you’re not just trying to promote your site. This puts confidence in the other fans so you look like you know the industry.

Automated Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the best ways to get traffic to your site. A social bookmarking site is a variation of social media and allows you to upload your different posts to a larger audience. Setting up thousands of social bookmarking accounts can be tedious and time consuming.

A solution to this is to use an automated social bookmarking service. Sites like SocialPoster and SocialMarker are the best for this. They do not require an account and they are free. Simply put your post’s URL into the fields on the sites and they will submit your article to over 100 social bookmarking websites.

Social media changes constantly. The old methods of doing standard SEO just aren’t cutting it anymore. In order to gain and maintain an online presence, it’s essential to use social media to your advantage.

Having Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are great, but you should also focus on the quality of your content. Go against experts and promote experts that you think are on the right track. Utilize social bookmarking to help you get a larger audience fast. Follow these guidelines and you should start to see more traffic coming to and linking from your blog.

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