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How To Choose Great Stock Photos For Your Blog

43eef23c085bc7e3904950654d866278Stock photos will increase your blog‘s visual appeal, but how do you pick the right ones? Here’s how you can select awesome stock photos for your site.

Stock photos are something that every website should have. People are drawn to images, and they can help your readers determine the theme and topics your site covers without reading every bit of the copy. Having killer stock photos on your site helps increase your blog’s attractiveness factor, and it also helps make your website more valuable as a whole. However, actually selecting the best stock photos for your site can be daunting! Where do you start? How do you choose? Here are some easy rules of thumb to keep in mind when browsing stock photos for your website.

Look For Pictures That Show Emotions

Pictures that show emotions are by far the best kind to have on your blog. For example, if a particular article on your site is about relationships, a photo of a couple in a happy relationship would be ideal. If your article is about success, a photo of a man or woman in a business suit with his or her arms raised in excitement is by far better than a photo of the word “success.” Whenever possible, choose pictures that show emotions!

Select pictures of people showing frustration, sadness or happiness. Look for ones that have people in them that tell your story simply with their facial expressions and body language. Remember that phrase, “Pictures are worth a thousand words?” Keep that in mind when shopping for stock photos. Let your pictures tell your story!

Pay Attention To What People In The Pictures Are Wearing

While you may not think it’s important to pay attention to the clothes, jewelry or makeup that the people in the pictures are wearing, it actually plays a part in the way your website looks and feels to the people who visit it. While they might not say “Gosh, that girl is wearing a blazer that looks like it’s from the 80’s!,” keep in mind that whatever ones you choose affect the overall look and feel of your website.

For example, if you want your website to have a very clean and sleek feel to it, go for ones that depict people wearing sleek clothing, clean jewelry (or none at all) and minimal or well done makeup. Look for clothing that isn’t dated, and steer clear of pictures that clearly depict a certain time frame or era (unless your blog is about vintage clothing – then by all means, go for it!) Think of your blog as an online magazine and select the type of pictures that you might see in a high end magazine in the same niche as your site.

Don’t Overlook The General Color Scheme Of The Photo

Many stock photos have an overall color scheme that is noticeable at first glance – but of course, when you start staring at the pictures, your brain begins to break the colors down into individual pieces. For example, you may be looking for a photo of a home office for your sleek, clean looking website. Your blog’s main colors may be blacks, greys, silvers and whites – a very modern and sophisticated look. You have two to choose from – a photo with a red desk, a yellow phone and vibrant walls.

You have another photo with a black desk, a silver phone and white walls. Which photo is more likely to look “at home” on your blog? The second, of course. When you select stock photos for your site, keep the overall color scheme – or your first impression of the photo – in mind. You don’t want to choose all pictures with the same colors and never vary it up, but be wary of those that will look really out of place.

Select Pictures With Attractive People

This may sound shallow, but remember that people like to look at attractive people. There’s a reason that companies use attractive models and actors in their magazine spreads and commercials! It’s psychological. People are attracted to attractiveness. When you choose pictures for your website, steer clear of those that feature unattractive men or women. You don’t have to choose “sexy” photos or anything like that – instead, pay attention to facial features. Are the people in the pictures pretty, or handsome?

These are much more likely to draw consumers in than pictures of unattractive people. There’s nothing “wrong” or “mean” about this tactic – it’s simply business. When you choose photos of attractive people for your blog, just like when you choose photos of people wearing nice clothes and attractive makeup – you’re simply increasing your blog’s attractiveness.

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