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How to Check if a Website is Down Just for you or Everyone

Sometimes you notice many sites not opening in your browser.This commonly happens with the popular social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter ,Stumbleupon etc.But you might be in a doubt whether if the particular site is down for just you or else everyone?
Whether the site which you are trying to open not opening just for you or else everyone?

To find this there are some online tools readily available.In this article I will be sharing couple of them to check if the site is down for all or just you.
1. IsItDownRightNow.COM:

Go to isitdownrightnow.com
Put the url of the website in the check box and hit the search button.
down for me or allNow this will show you a message if the website is up or down.

twitter server lookup


Check the Up Time of Some Popular Websites:
Here is one more tool which constantly checks if a site is up or down.Go to website downrightnow.com ,this website collects the data of some popular sites like Twitter ,Facebook ,Blogger and Livejournal.This tool also shows if there is any maintenance downtime going on for popular websites.

With the above listed websites you can find if the site is down for just you or everyone.If the site is down for just you then it might be your browser problem or you might have blocked the site or sometimes it might be the problem with your ISP(Internet Service Provider).There are many sites to find this but the listed are best sites.Do let us know if you have any doubts in your comments.

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