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How to Become a Social Media Icon

social-media-icon-1132x670If you’ve good intentions, it’s never too late to start afresh. I come across several successful online marketers who aspired to be social media icons but they feel they’ve missed the bus. The immense power of social media is now viewable to one and all – it’s already ranked as the most popular online activity in less than half a decade since its inception.

Twitter and Facebook have been nothing short of a revolution on the internet and their share of the internet pie is all set to grow even bigger. Social media offers a tremendous opportunity for individuals and businesses alike – a unique platform to harness its unlimited power to reap maximum benefits and transform you from just another social media user to well respected social media icon.

So, what do you need to be the next big social media icon? Social media is no rocket science and mastering it isn’t a mountainous task. Here are a few tips on what you should keep in mind in your quest to becoming a social media champion.

Start Today

There’s no tomorrow in the instant world of social media. What’s gone with time isn’t coming back for good. Make no excuses and instead adopt a conscious approach to get started without your social media plans today itself. Lack of initiative is often the most uncommon doing for individuals and businesses when it comes to social media adoption. Once the mental block is overcome, you need to start working on a well-devised social media strategy.

Take the first step towards social media today, its well worth it.

Learn, Think before you act

There are millions of Facebook and Twitter users. You surely don’t want to end up as just another social media user in the crowd. If you want to harness the true power of social media, you should be prepared to slog it out to learn things quickly.

I don’t recommend jumping on the social media bandwagon without any preparation. In contrast, I strongly believe that the better prepared you are, the higher chances you have of becoming a true social media icon. For a start, it doesn’t harm to do things the way established social media experts do. Have a detailed plan of action and a Plan-B in case things don’t go right first time around.

Shed your inhibitions and learn to communicate with all kinds of people. Good communication plays a major role in deciding the fate of your social media ambitions so leave no stone unturned to polish your skills.


The beauty of social media is that once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy and loads of fun. To top it off, it helps you increase your revenues without incurring major startup costs.

Signing up for Twitter and Facebook takes less than a minute. However, creating an impressive profile and building a solid network takes longer – days, months and perhaps years. While tools shorten the time involved in pepping up your social media profile, they should not be considered as shortcuts for instant social media success.

After all, a tool is only as good as the person who’s using it. Further, I don’t recommend hopping on to 10 social media networks and trying to master them all – it just doesn’t work. For a start, I recommend that you join Twitter and Facebook. Once you’ve established your stature as a social media icon on these sites, make a plan to capture other social media networks.

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