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How Social Media is Making Search Engine Optimization More Relevant

seo-social-mediaBoth Social Media and SEO are fantastic marketing tools for any business in today’s modern age of Web 2.0. But are they related to each other? Or are they great standalone strategies with no commonalities? I’ve come across several online marketers who fail to appreciate the undeniable relation between SEO and social media. As the above graphic suggests, SEO and Social Media go hand-in-hand.

I personally believe that the popularity of social media networks has actually helped the cause of SEO. Most businesses now understand what Search Engine Optimization is and how it will help their business, courtesy the indirect publicity it receives on leading social networks such as Facebook & Twitter. So, why do I believe that social media helps promote SEO? Here are my good reasons.

High Quality Inbound Links

SEO is all about making optimal use of keywords and getting high quality inbound links based on those keywords. Just in case you did not know, the quality (and to an extent the quantity) of inbound links determines your business’s ranking on popular search engines like Google and Bing.

The inbound links coming from social media networks are authentic, high quality and natural. They are not reciprocated, fake or fabricated. Therefore, social media networks are an active proponent of White Hat SEO techniques.

Social Media Search

Search is increasingly becoming a vital feature on all social media networks. Be it Twitter launching advanced search capabilities or the Page search feature on Facebook, social media is now more tightly coupled with search engines than ever. The FIFA 2010 World Cup is a perfect example of how social media networks are making the most of SEO and the other way round. If you search for any news related to FIFA World Cup, Twitter shows up amongst the highest ranked search results on Google. Social Media networks are an effective way of reaching millions of potential customers and SEO is the perfect tonic to make sure that these potential customers know everything they need about your business.

Why SEO needs Social Media?

SEO is based on relevance of information and authoritative links. Social media networks and blogs promote relevance by establishing online dialogs. And as far as links go, there is no better medium than social networks in order to launch a successful link campaign. Make the most of your social media connections to get the best out of link building campaigns and this translates into high-quality SEO rankings.

Why Social Media needs SEO?

The relation between SEO and Social Media is a two-way love story. One can’t exist without the other. Search Engines are an integral part of our online lives. Whatever information you need – be it about a blog for any specific subject or tips on how to join a social network such as Twitter and Facebook, social media thrives on SEO. Social bookmarking services like Digg are a classic example of the perfect amalgamation of SEO with social media.

Rankings drive traffic to social media networks and social media helps improve SEO rankings. Take away search and SEO out of the internet and you’ve a massive unusable pile of information with little appeal.

As they say, Social Media and SEO are a match made in heaven. Slashing one in favor of the other is a perfect recipe for disaster. Rather, your business should use the two in tandem to get the best of both worlds!

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