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How Did You Celebrate Your Social Media Day?


Happy Social Media Day” to all my friends & social media enthusiasts all over the world. Just in case you did not know about it, June 30th has been declared as ‘Social Media Day’ by Mashable, a popular social media site. As a sign of growing popularity of social media, Victoria – the capital city of British Columbia, has also officially designated June 30 Social Media Day. The proclamation was signed by city’s Mayor and makes Victoria the first city worldwide to dedicate a day for the noble cause of social media.

An occasion to rejoice!

If you are an online social media marketer, today is the day to rejoice and celebrate this revolution. To mark the occasion, the team at Mashable organized nearly 600 meetups all across the world and promoted the events through Facebook, Twitter and other leading social networks. In the last couple of days, Twitter has been flooded with millions of messages with the #smday and #smd tags as the word about social media day has spread thick and fast. Social media marketers in downtown Orlando celebrated the occasion with free drinks, half-off appetizers at the Wall Street Cantina, 19 N. Orange Ave.

Is it worth?

I come across many people who’ve their “doubts” about if social media is really worth opting for. While some consider it to be a blown-out-of-proportion media propaganda, other thinks it’s just too complex. As a staunch media loyalist, I always try to explain to such people that social media is a proven success story and how it can benefit them. I truly believe that we are lucky to be witnessing the ongoing social media revolution sweeping through the world.

The new age revolution

The birth of internet marked a revolution and the advent of social media has started another revolution. Be it online sales, online marketing, customer service or running advertising campaigns, social media has no parallel. Twitter and Facebook rank amongst the top 5 most popular websites on the internet and that’s a testimony for the phenomenal popularity of social media.

Social media represents a drastic change in the way people communicate. It helps spread awareness on sensitive issues and brings the world closer. Whether you are communicating with friends and family members or with customers, social media is a great proponent for building good relationships and nurturing them over a period of time.

I’ve often read the line – “Social media is a necessary evil”. I firmly believe that it should be restated as “Social media is necessary” as there’s nothing evil about social media.

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