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GetJamBag cash for watching vids on your mobile

If you’ve a smartphone, mobile app GetJam pays you cash to watch adverts, movie trailers and games previews. Advertisers pay it to spread the word, and it passes a cut of this on to you.

You bag berries (berries, jam – geddit?) every time you watch a video. Then you can exchange these for PayPal cash – 800 berries equals a fiver via PayPal. The app works on Android and iPhones. Always log in before watching to ensure berries get credited.

It’s easy to fit in around normal life, as forumite star2007 says: “It’s no hassle, I watch in odd moments like waiting for your computer to boot or kettle to boil. You can earn £5 per month.”

MoneySavers have reported that recently videos are not as plentiful as they once were, so this is probably just to add to your list for belts and braces.

How do you sign up?

While it calls itself an app, strictly speaking it’s a mobile website. Here’s how to get started:

  • 1. Download the iPhone or Android app and sign up. If you’ve Blackberry, Windows or other phones, to www.getjam.mobi on your mobile’s browser.
  • 2. Log in, pick a video, watch it until it finishes, close your video player and return to GetJam, where your berries will be banked.
  • 3. When you’ve earned 420 berries (£2.50) or 800 (£5), withdraw your money.

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