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Earn Money with Link Building

What are Backlinks1)What are Backlinks?

2)How to create Backlinks?

3)Importance of Backlinks?

4)What are its advantages?

5)Where to sell your backlink services to make money by building backlinks?

After reading the above four points it is probably clear to you that today’s guide consists of four parts. Without wasting further time,let me start the first part.

1)What are Backlinks:

Backlinks are also called Inbound or Incoming links specifies how many times a website is linked to other websites or how many times a website is referred by other websites. When a website is linked to other through content,it is considered as a backlink.

This was all about Backlinks. I have briefly explained about backlinks above. Hope it will clear all doubts about backlinks in your

The second part is based upon creating backlinks. Creating backlinks is an easy as well as a difficult job. Following part will guide you to make backlinks.

2)How to create backlinks:

There are several ways to create backlinks. Following are some simple and most used ways to create backlinks.

i)Guest Posting:

Guest posting on other blogs. Provide your content to different blogs and as a pay back they will give you one or two backlinks. It depends upon the blog owner where he will give you backlinks.

ii)Blog commenting:
Beside guest posting there is another way to create backlink is by blog commenting. By commenting on other blogs you will be able to make some backlinks.
You have noticed that in most of the websites you are allowed to enter your website link. By inserting your links and if your comment will be approved by the blog owner,you will get one backlink from there.

3)Importance of Backlinks:

Backlinks nowadays are of great importance just because Google gives Page rank to websites on the basis of their backlinks. If you will create quality backlinks you can get a high PR in Google’s update. So it is important that before creating backlinks,check the blog quality.

4)Advantages of Backlinks:

As I mentioned above the importance of backlinks and you will probably know that Google after every four months roll out PR update for websites. PR is assigned to websites on the basis of quality backlinks. The more quality backlinks you will get the more chances to increase your PR. After getting higher PR your website will rank higher in Google results. Your website will grab more attention and advertisers ;)

5)Where to sell services:

These were all about backlinks that you should know as a blogger. With this knowledge you can start your services by providing or by creating quality backlinks for others. To start providing your services here are some websites from where you can earn money online by selling your backlink services:

Fiverr is a great marketplace where you can by a gig for $5. You can start selling your services here because a large number of bloggers visit Fiverr daily to to find someone who can build quality backlinks for their blogs.

Gigbucks is like Fiverr but you can buy or sell services from $5-$50. It is also one of the favorite platform for buyers to buy different gigs.

You can also sell your services on SEOClerks. There are many SEO experts available on SEOClerks that provides awesome services related to blogging and SEO. Do try your luck here :)

These were the three marketplaces where you should sell your services. I will recommend you to analyze these marketplaces before providing your gigs. There are thousands of people on these websites providing same services you want to provide.

So before your gig go online analyze each and everything carefully and provide something unique that your competitors are not providing. Don’t use tools to create backlinks otherwise your client can face penalties from Google on his website

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