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Earn Money Online With Parked Domains

Earn Money Online With Parked DomainsParked domains are those that you’ve purchased for the purpose of using them in future but kept unused.If you have hundreds of them then why not try to earn money online out of them.It’s not possible to make hundreds of dollars out of these parked domains unless you have thousands of them.The problem with these domains is that you won’t get much traffic to these sites unless your domain is based on highly popular keyword.But,still it’s possible to make decent income with parked domains.

Particularly the domain brokers use this technique to monetize their parked domains so that they can at least get some return on the investment they are making in the form of domain renewal fees.If they find some profitable niche idea and thinks it may become popular in future,then they buy domain name related to that niche.They use many methods to monetize their domains-

1.Use Advertising On Your Domains:

AdSense lets you put ads on your unused and undeveloped domains so that you can make some residual profit.Visit http://www.google.com/domainpark/ for more details.Do not expect to make much from this method though.

You can put affiliate banners on your parked domains.

2.Park With A Parking Company:

You may park your domain with the domain parking sites.There are many of them.Most of these sites do not charge any fees for parking.Here goes a list of them-


You can do more research about these sites to find out which one may be better for you.


Let me be very honest with you,whatever method you adopt you’re not going to make lots of money with them unless you have huge amount of domains parked.If you’re an average Internet Marketer like me who have few dozens of unused domains sitting ideally then you can probably make few bucks with them.Making something is better than making absolutely nothing.

To make any money at all with your Parked domains your domain need to have pre-existing traffic.Domain parking companies does not allow sending loads of traffic to your parked domain through advertising or any other method.You can buy domain that gets traffic through direct visits,website address typos or through pre-existing incoming links.Expired domains are great for parked domain monetization.Because they maintain most of their inbound links and continue to get traffic through those links.

If you have a domain that does not get any traffic at all, then there is no point in monetizing it.Because you’re not going to make any profit with that.Also you’ll only make decent profit if you have lots of these domains.

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