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Earn Money by URL Shortening with Top 3 URL Shorteners

1)What is URL shortening?What URL shorteners do?
Ans: As the name says,URL shortening mean to shorten your URL and URL shorteners will do this task.

2)Do all URL shorteners pay money?
Ans:No,not all. But there are specific URL shortener who pays you. URL shorteners like Google URL shortener and Stumble Upon shortener don’t pay you a single penny.

3)Are there any URL shorteners that are scams?
Ans: Yes there are. But I am going to mention below only those URL shorteners who are trustworthy and pays on time.

4)How will I earn money through it?
Ans: By using anyone of the URL shortener below,you will have to shorten your URL.When someone clicks on your shortened URL,it will take him/her to a new page showing an ad for 5-10 seconds. As soon as he will see the ad,you will earn some bucks.

5)How do URL shortener calculate earnings?
Ans: Actually,URL shortener pay per view.This means the more people will see your ad the more money will you get.
If your traffic or visitors are from Asian countries you will be paid less as compared to those who have traffic from European countries and USA. So this means you will be paid on the basis of your visitors location.

So these were the some basic questions some newbies have in their minds. Lets go to the main topic where I have to share Top 3 URL shorteners through which you can earn money online.



Adfoc has grabbed number one spot in my list of Top 3 URL shorteners. I choose this URL shortener for the first position because I have found its earning more than the URL shorteners below.
Adfoc pays you up to $5 for 1000 visitors. The minimum payout from Adfoc is $10.



Adf.ly is also a good URL shortener. People are placing this shortener in their list at the top spot. But I found Adfoc.us paid me more than Adf.ly although I tested both the networks with UK and US traffic.
Therefore Adf.ly has successfully managed to get second seat in the list of Top 3 URL shorteners. The minimum payout from Adf.ly is $5.



Last but not the least,Linkbucks has got 3rd position in my list of Top 3 URL shorteners.I haven’t used this URL shortener for a long time because I was not satisfied with the earnings of Linkbucks.But you can try your luck with it.
The least payout from Linkbucks is $10.

So these were the Top 3 URL shorteners through which you can earn money online. If you have any other URL shortener that pays more than the mentioned above,do share it with us in the comment box below. Have a happy day

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