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Buy and sell domains & make money online

Buy and sell domains & make money onlineCan you spot the difference between domain names? What is the Page Rank of a domain? If the answer is yes, you can start domaining, or the business of buying and selling domain names. If you don’t target top domain names, you can start your business with a small investment. Spot domain names which can be registered, bought from owners or in domain expiry auctions. Before buying a domain name, confirm that the domain will interest some prospective buyers. Get hold of the domain name and then offer it to the end-user for a premium.

Domaining requires that you keep exploring the options available on websites like Sedo, SnapNames, Flippa and eBay. Several good domains are allowed to expire by their current owners. Look for such deals on domain auction websites where domains get listed after expiry. The lists of terminated domains can be a good starting point for making money online.

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