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Build Good Looking Online Forms with Wufoo

Online Form Builder with Cloud Storage Database WufooIf you want to be able to provide true interaction with your website’s users, then you’re going to need some way of allowing them to contact you. The best and only option for me is Wufoo and I have been using them for years. Their simple service allows you to create responsive and extensive HTML forms for your website(s), that work well and look good.

Wufoo has both free and paid options for creating your form and can be used to create  a number of different things. The most obvious being: mailing lists, surveys, application forms and order forms. There’s also a great range of features to implement within your form. The most simple being simple text boxes and check boxes, that can be used for names and email addresses etc.

However, some of the more advance features of Wufoo forms allow you to collect payments from your users and allows them to upload files with their submission. There’s also the option to throw in a captcha code and make your form alot more secure and prevent those pesky spammers.

Once your form is complete, you can setup email notifications for your form and also text message notifications if you should so wish. Furthermore, you can then grab the code to embedd your form into any web page, through Javascript and iFrame codes and you can also grab the link to your form’s page. Another great option is a popup window with your form.

In conclusion, Wufoo is one the best and easiest form building options out there and it sure is my personal favourite. If you intent to use the service intensively, it may be worth looking elsewhere or purchasing the paid option, however, if you need a quick and responsive contact form, look no further.

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