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Best Websites that pay you cash

  1. Google adsense – Basic advertising network, allows you to apply for video/app/game advertising too from the same account (can use your Google account).  Click here.
  2. Skimlinks – Automatically ad’s related ad links to your forums/blogs where you mention services and products, for example Samsung television.
  3. Infolinks – Get paid for displaying contextual link ads on your website ( e.g. the script picks up keywords in your websites pages/posts and displays an ad when clicking on the keyword (highlighted with the colour of your choice).
  4. Pay per post – get paid to write articles
  5. Get paid to review and promote products Reviewme.
  6. Get paid to start your own blog Blogetery.
  7. Sharecash – Get paid for downloads (ebooks, software, music etc..)
  8. Get paid to promote websites and more MyLikes.
  9. Get paid to comment on forums and blogs: PostLoop.
  10. Amazon affiliates programme:  Read more here.
  11. Get paid to sell your images (Fun and rewarding, if you like photography)  To be honest anyone can do this these days as we all have cameras that are powerful enough to produce industry standard images in the right situations. Click here
  12. Cashback websites (e.g. Topcashback) – Get paid for shopping online, and even get paid for taking free trials of services such as Netflix and Lovefilm:  Topcashback.  There is often a lot of “free cashback offers” check them out, they track quite well and tell you the success rate + how long it takes to track.
  13. YouTube, pays you money!  Come up with a good YouTube series or a video that goes viral and you could be making some nice money from your videos (You’ll want a Google ad-sense)  Tips on making money with YouTube videos here.
  14. Get paid to answer peoples questions and have fun at the same time! Justanswer.
  15. Get paid to refer customers to 1000′s retailers, products and services, household names Affiliate window.
  16. Get paid to refer customers to 1000′s websites/services/product sites Clickbank.
  17. Get paid to promote video ads on your website (they are quite cool and interactive ads, you may have to be invited or request to be invited to some campaigns unless you have a good record.)  Unruly Media.
  18. Earn money writing and proofreading articles as a freelancer, some jobs can be in the 1000s.  Make sure to take the tests on the site to improve your credibility and search visibility on the site. OdeskMore tips here.
  19. Get paid $5 to solve peoples problems, Fiverr, or to sell services, or design things for people etc.. (Safe, uses Paypal), very safe.
  20. Get paid for the links that your members on your forum share, LinkBucks
  21. Get paid to write articles, $1 upwards (You don’t have to be a writing wizard, just have an interest in the things you write about) ArticleSale
  22. Not always great, Surveys, this one is open to 13+ MySurvey.   (Accepts Paypal as payment).
  23. Sell your digital creations with Nuubuu – Charge $1-$100 (there are small fee’s)
  24. Get paid for sharing products from around 500 retailers! Shorten links easily and earn commission without having to manage an affiliate relationship –  Refer.ly
  25. Get paid for tweeting etc.. Sell services from $1 upwards http://www.seoclerks.com/
  26. Clicksor is a great alternative to Google Adsense, if you are concerned about being kicked out of Adsense for making the slightest wrong move – ClickSor.
  27. Textbroker pays you to write custom articles for people – Text Broker alternative – Triond.
  28. Bid on peoples work needs, for example someone needs a website designing, someone needs a social media campaign running, someone needs a freelance writer – Freelancer
  29. Get paid to search on Google, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo and Ebay – Basically displays ad results to the side of your search, like googles paid ads, apparently people have been earning some easy dosh with it, the only problem is that it can’t show organic results in the sense that it cannot show news related items and is very, very general.  It is in beta at the moment – Qmee.
  30. Po.st is a social share toolbar that earns you money -when someone shares an article on your website it shows a small ad at the same time so generating revenue for you. Po.st
  31. Risk free betting – commonly named “matched betting” is where you can take advantage of the free bet offers given by bookies when you sign up to their website. By backing one outcome on the bookie’s website and laying it, that is effectively betting that the outcome won’t happen, on another website, you are guaranteed not to lose.  read more in our guide.
  32. Crowd banking – Since the global financial crisis and scandal after scandal the banks are public enemy number one, the interest rates are poor and to be honest is there really any point saving in an ISA? Not really no, average rates are as little as 2%, crowd banking sites such as Zopa(UK only currently) however give interest rates as much as 5% and are growing in popularity.  They work on ordinary people funding the bank and ordinary people taking out loans from the bank.

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