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Affiliate Marketing through WordPress Tool

wordpress_affiliate_pluginsIn my last post i tell you about How to set up a blog for affiliate marketing now if you are using wordpress as your primary blog you can boost your affiliate by using WP-Affiliate.

WP-Affiliate is a wordpress plugin that allows you to mask affiliate links with urls of your choosing. Simple categorization is available such that you can easily manage your affiliate and network.


Download the plugin from here and manage your affiliates per click


2. Unzip the plugin  into your default WordPress plugins directory

3. Enable it in from your plugins menu

4. Add a base category for your links. This will be used to create the base of your redirect url. (ie yourul.com/link redirect into affiliate url )

5. Once the category is created, click add link and add a link! Link is the affiliate link and Anchor Text is the text that should be used to create the tail of the redirect url.You may use it in order to optimised the Affiliate Marketing and increase your affiliate per click .


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