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9 Remarkable Photo and Video Sharing Twitter Tools Worth Exploring

o-twitter-facebookIt is a known fact that Twitter does not have its native feature for sharing photos and videos, which most feel is a downside but having said that you have plenty of options in the form of third party apps which compensate that and again most people use TwitPic to share photos, here are 9 websites to use in case you need a wide range of options to share photos and videos in Twitter.

Yfrog (http://www.yfrog.com/):

Powerful image sharing service from renowned Images hack that lets you share your photos and videos on Twitter. The best part of yfrog is that your friends can retweet any yfrog post directly from the landing page easily. yFrog has been specifically optimized for mobile viewing as well.

Twicli (http://www.twic.li/):

A powerful service for posting a set of multiple photos and videos to Twitter. You can also upload photos via your mobile phone. You get an email id specific to Twicli to which you can simply send emails to with photos. These photos get uploaded to Twicli and posted to Twitter automatically.

Apart from sharing audio and video files, photos, and other content on Twitter, Twicli lets you tag your friends into videos and audio files you upload. The service provides you with the HTML code for any photo that can be embedded into your blog or website. Photos or images uploaded on twitter gets geotagged automatically. You can upload videos on twitter with size limitation of 100MB and Audio files are restricted to use upto 50MB.

Posterous (http://www.posterous.com/):

Allow you to share photos, videos, music files on twitter, Facebook and Flickr in one step by email. Just post to Posterous by email and the service will update all the other communities you are a part of. Posterous is tightly integrated to Twitter that host all your rich media for free, and post a link to your Twitter stream.

Twitsnaps (http://www.twitsnaps.com/):

Simple service that allows you to tweet your photographs and videos from the phone, and their website as well. Just login with your Twitter account, selected the photo to be shared on twitter, add message and have it tweeted to your account. If you want to tweet from your mobile phone then you can simple visit http://m.twitsnaps.com from your mobile browser.

TwitLens (http://www.twitlens.com/):

Incredible image and video sharing service for Twitter with some unique features like multiple uploads (10 photos/videos in a single click), user name tag, anonymous uploads, an in built URL shortener 0.lyproviding more space for your tweet as compared to more popular competitors. After all, every character matters in microblogging. You can also upload and share images with twitter service via your phone.

Greetter (http://www.greetter.com/):

The service helps you share Photos & Videos on Twitter. You can tag your friends in these photos and can link to their Twitter account. Comment and embedding options are also available. Greetter also allow you to view and comment on other photos and Videos as well.

Listento.fm (http://www.listento.fm/):

Lets you share music or video files on Twitter. You can submit an MP3 file or a YouTube/IMEEM links to your favorite content and Listento.fm will generate a short link mediapage for you to share it to your twitter followers.

TweetTube (http://www.tweetube.com/):

Allows you to share your favorite videos quickly with short URLs, and track the visits and comments from the people that follow you. Tweetube Recorder app for Mac users allows you to share 25-seconds video directly from your webcam. The service also lets you upload pictures to share with your Twitter followers. YouTube videos can also be shared by entering the URL. There are many other powerful features available with TweetTube.

rosa.ly (http://www.twitdom.com/rosaly/):

It allows you to share images found on the web with Twitter. Firefox browser users can install the rosa.ly Firefox Extension. If you are using other browsers, the bookmarklet is available for you. It also allows you to save a copy of your shared image which can be organized using hashtags.

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