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7 Things That We Need To Know About The Evolution of Social Media

I’ve all the time maintained that the true energy of social media lies in its dynamism. Year after yr, social media has reinvented itself and it’ll proceed to do within the years to return. While social media began off within the type of blogs and wikis, the onus is now on utilizing the optimum combine of varied social networks corresponding to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others coupled with electronic mail and prompt messaging instruments.

In this submit, I emphasize upon seven issues that you must know concerning the evolution of social media.

It’s not anti-electronic mail

Being an early adopter of social media, I’m intrigued on the comparisons with e mail. In my opinion,social media vs. email will not be an both/ or proposition. Social media was by no means meant to exchange electronic mail. Instead, social media works finest at the side of e-mail and different legacy communication medium.

Blogging isn’t lifeless

Blogs are maybe the earliest type of social media. I come throughout a number of specialists who declare blogs received’t survive the check of time. I strongly consider that blogging as a type of social media is right here to remain. In truth, fashionable social networks reminiscent of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest assist make your weblog an much more highly effective social media device.

Number of Fans and Followers

While statistics akin to variety of followers and followers is vital, it isn’t the one metric of success within the social media world. In truth, a rise in variety of followers/ followers is often the constructive aspect impact of your total social media efforts.


I strongly consider that social media thrives on interactivity. The distinctive promoting proposition of social media is the excessive diploma of “interactive consumer suggestions”, one thing that was amiss in conventional media methods. Contrary to a number of old fashioned media methods which labored as monologues, social media is an lively proponent of inventive participation and group constructing.

The sociology of social media lies in its dynamism and interactive relationship with media shoppers.


Social media has been an awesome advocate for democratization of media. Social media is a mass-entry open-to-all service versus conventional strategies which have been restricted in attain and labored for under a choose few. It’s truthful to say that social  media has led the democratization of media for every kind of companies by opening up new avenues of making, publishing, distributing and consuming media content material.


We dwell in a globalized financial system and no person is just too far, courtesy of the extensive attain of social media. It has performed an important function in constructing viral communities spanning geographical and cultural borders, thereby offering companies with a novel alternative to focus on clients worldwide.

Social Change

A fashionable saying quotes that “Man is a social animal”. While that’s true, our social wants are continuously altering. Media methods which labored completely up to now is probably not crowd pullers immediately and vice-versa. In that respect, social media is re-defining the paradigm of social change.

Whether it’s pure calamities such because the Tsunami in Japan or the earthquake in Haiti or public outbursts resembling in Syria and the Edward Snowden saga, social media is driving the social change revolution.

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