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5 ways you can earn money online

affiliate marketing1. Writing for blogs

If you are interested in writing and manage to write well with good language skills and can catch the attention of readers then this tip will really help you earn money. You can extra money by writing articles for major websites that pay you for your talent. The sites you can write for include news outlets, some popular blogs like Odesk, Fiverr, ehow, iwriter etc. all these sites pay you money based on the length of the article etc. the best way you can get started is by sending your resumes with some writing samples of yours. Make sure they are your original works.

2. Sell your space on Airbnb.com

This website “airbnb.com allows anybody to turn their piece of space into a hotel. This site is similar to the eBay especially in the field of real estate. On this site one can find people who rent out a additional bedroom, bed in their living room or even a tree house. For as long as you own the space you can make use of this site to earn some bucks. It is your decision completely to let or not to let a stranger into your living space, but this site can be a true money earner for you.

3. Buy domains and sell them to those interested

Many domains are popular on the internet and they earn you lots of bucks. Many business whether huge or small are ready to pay for these domains. Make this popularity as your advantage and earn money. What you can do is go to a site where you can buy a generic domain, it will usually cost you less than $10. After you buy a domain and search for interior designers who would like to buy the rights to the domain name. As many business owners would like to buy it and only one person can own that domain, you will earn good money. For example you buy a domain for $10, you can sell it for $150. If you do this regularly you will earn lots of money.

4. Online Posting

Most people know how to sell things on ebay or craiglist. However, some do not have time to do it but they are still eager to earn money. You can use this for your benefit. Everybody wants to earn money and if you do not mind doing the hard work that is clicking pictures and posting them on the above mentioned sites and establishing a communication with the buyer will help you earn a percentage of money or a flat fee for the work you have done.

5. Email newsletter for advertising

If you have good knowledge and interest on a topic then you can start an email newsletter on the topic you have a grip on and start making money from the advertisers. This is new way of publishing for many blogs and businesses. All you need to do is write free content about a topic you have good knowledge on your blog. Make sure that you allocate space on the top of the site to sign up and join your free email newsletter on the topic. When people who take interest in your site will rad about it and sign up for it and as your newsletter grows, you can start contacting relevant advertisers and sell the space in your newsletter.
Making money is not easy but it is not complicated either.

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