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5 Ways To Improve Your Article Headlines

screen-shot-2015-04-21-at-13-44-13Writing killer headlines doesn’t always come naturally. Take some tips from marketing pros and use these simple tips to start writing better titles for your posts!

Your article headline is the first thing people read when they look at your article. In fact, most people will actually read your article headline in the search engine listings before they ever click on your article. This is why it is absolutely imperative that you have a headline that not only grabs your potential readers’ attention, but also motivates them to read the article. Here are five easy ways to make your article headline stand out and bring more traffic to your individual articles.

1. Put Your Keyword First

While you want your headline to read and flow really well, nobody is going to find your article if you’re not targeting a highly searched keyword. Assuming you’ve already done some research on the valuable keywords in your niche, you already have a good idea of the keywords you’re going to build your articles around.

To help boost your article’s SEO and help more people to find your article when they’re searching for your keyword, place your keyword at the beginning of your title. Creating a catchy title with your keyword at the beginning can sometimes be difficult to do, but doing so tells both the search engines and your readers what your article is about. Good SEO helps the search engines rank your article higher up on their search list for a particular keyword, while the keyword in the headline confirms to a human that the article is indeed about what they were searching for.

2. Use “Buzz Words”

You know those catchy titles on the front of magazines in the supermarket checkout stands? They’re the ones that make you want to pick up the magazine and check out a particular article while you’re waiting. Why do you think they catch your interest so much? Let’s look at some sample headlines:

“What Celebrities Really Look Like Without Makeup”

“5 Red Hot Moves To Use On Your Man Tonight”

“How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Fast!”

What words do you notice when you read those titles? “Really,” “Red Hot,” “Tonight,” “Fast.” These are known as “buzz words” and are very effective at grabbing people’s attention and motivating them to read something. Other buzz words might be “Killer,” “Super,” “Easy,” “Simple,” or “Awesome.”

Try to incorporate a buzz word or two into each of your articles’ headlines. Remember that people love things that are easy, fast and now. Make sure that your buzz words are well placed and don’t inhibit the readability of your headline. Well placed, appropriate buzz words will actually improve the readablity and flow of your headine!

3. Tell People Something They Don’t Know

People also love to find out things they don’t already know. If your headline reads something like, “Puppy Training Tricks You’ve Never Heard” or even “Puppy Training Tricks Even The Experts Won’t Tell You,” you are enticing people to read your articlebecause everybody wants to find out what they don’t know or what they’ve never heard of before. Even better is a headline promising information that other people are keeping from them!

The trick here is to actually make good on your promise. This may take some quality research on your part, however, it’s essential that you actually deliver. Find some tidbits of information that aren’t already public knowledge, or offer your own unique way of doing something. You’re not going to surprise everyone with brand new information, but if you can offer tips and viewpoints that the haven’t already read everywhere else, you’re doing good!

4. Reveal The Truth About Something

Another way to entice readers to read your article is to write a headline that reveals the truth about something. Of course, just like with telling people things they don’t know, you definitely need to deliver the goods when you promise to reveal the truth about something. This doesn’t mean that you need to give proof of an alien cover up conspiracy at Area 51 or anything, but offer a unique viewpoint on a topic or a new way of looking at something that hasn’t already been covered before.

5. Use Number Headlines

Number headlines are also very powerful. They offer “quick tips” that are in an easily digestible format. Many people like to skim articles (especially online) and number headlines and articles are by far the easiest to skim. A good number headline might read, “6 Ways,” “5 Things To,” “7 Tips,” and so on. People love to be able to skim an article and come away with “X” number of tidbits of information without having to read an entire article.

However, that is especially important to keep in mind when you actually write thepost. You don’t want to promise 7 tips that can be found nestled deep within sixteen paragraphs of copy. When you write your numbered article, create subheadings for each point you want to make and sum up the tip in the subheading, with a paragraph underneath each to explan the point in more detail. Make it possible for someone to read only the subheadings of your article and still come away with the gist of it. Those who choose to read further into the text will get even more out of it.

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