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40+ Free Web Hosting List

free-web-hostingAfter my previous collection of pinger tools. I have another collection just for you, this is a free web hosting to build your own website for free. If you want to build or want to learn to be a webmaster, this is a good list for you, to try to build your own web page. But if you are serious or you need to make a webpage for your business, this is not recommended for you. Still better the paid one than a free.
About the list:
In this collection, some of them is add free or no ads, and you can put your own ads to earn money as well. Support PHP 5, MySQL, Perl, Phyton, Asp.net and many more. Choose the free web hosting that suites your needs.
     1.       http://Ohna.com
     2.       http://fav.cc
     3.       http://3owl.com
     4.       http://www.uhostall.com/
     5.       http://ias3.com/
     6.       http://holdonhosting.net/
     7.       http://www.000webhost.com/
     8.       http://byethost.com/
     9.       http://en.altervista.org/
     10.   http://www.nixiweb.com/
     11.   http://miarroba.com/
     12.   http://www.redtotalonline.com/
     13.   http://www.vivelared.com
     14.   http://www.host.sk/
     15.   http://www.guiahost.com/
     16.   http://galeon.hispavista.com/
     17.   http://www.100webspace.com/
     18.   http://x10hosting.com/
     19.   http://www.110mb.com/
     20.   http://www.coolfreehost.com/
     21.   http://ekiwi.es/
     22.   http://www.clawz.com/
     23.   http://www.multimania.fr/
     24.   http://www.freewebhostingarea.com/
     25.   http://www.zettahost.com/
     26.   http://www.koolhosting.net/
     27.   http://www.akhosting.tk/
     28.   http://www.ta4a.net/
     29.   http://www.freehostingeu.com/
     30.   http://www.biz.nf/
     31.   http://capnix.com/
     32.   http://www.eohost.com/
     33.   http://www.awardspace.com/
     34. http://www.agilityhoster.com/
     35. http://flexhosting.tk/
     36. http://freemegabytes.com/
     37. https://rowebca.com/
     38. http://www.fasthost1.info/
     39. http://host-ed.net/
     40. http://xtreemhost.org/
     41. http://toadshosting.com/
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