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40 brand logos with hidden messages

the_secret_meanings_behind_40_brand_logosWe see the logos of these iconic brands almost everyday and yet, they’re hiding something that you may not have noticed before. With some outstanding uses of colour as well as amazing examples of negative space, big brands such as FedEx and Amazon are packing more into their logos than previously thought.

This handy infographic from the team at Made By Oomphcharts the hidden messages of 40 big brands, from online retailers to local zoos. Including everything from aspects of the company within the logo design itself, to hinting at the services they can provide, the creators of said logos certainly know what they’re doing.

Whilst some are more obvious than others, this infographic will definitely provide some logo design inspiration and an insight into the workings of some of the biggest brands on the planet. Next time you’re scanning the shelves, you might want to take a closer look.


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