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4 Types Of Viral Videos That Could Turbo Charge Traffic To Your Blog

viral-videosViral videos are a great way to change up what you post to your blog. Some of the most successful blogs out there contain a ton of different media, which not only includes text, but it also includes images, audio, and video as well. If you are able to find or create a video that goes viral, then your blog has it made.

So what does it take to make viral videos? We have looked at all of the research, and we have found that the following ingredients are what make up the vast majority of videos that go on to have one million, two million, or even thirty million views!

1. Sexy Videos

We have all heard the term “sex sells.” It’s a term for a good reason. SEX SELLS. This isn’t to say that you need to put out a totally explicit and inappropriate video to get any attention. As a matter of fact, we are strongly against that, primarily because there’s a good chance it’ll become censored (and that will decrease the chance of it going viral exponentially), but also because not everyone appreciates sexy stuff shoved in their face – especially parents with young children.

You want to make a video that is sexy, but that is still at least moderately appropriate for everyone to see. Hot models (male or female) standing around in bathing suits and bikinis is a great, less obvious way of putting sex on the screen. Or they can be wearing workout gear. If these hot people move in the video, even better.

One thing to bear in mind when it comes to sexy viral videos is that sexy women always outsell sexy men. Men and women both tend to appreciate the female form than they appreciate the male form, so keep that mind if this is the route you want to take.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you want to make sure that any ‘sex’ that you put in your video actually makes sense on your blog. Don’t just throw a beautiful girl wearing a tight and somewhat revealing dress in your video for the heck of it; make it make sense. Every thing has to be relevant, otherwise your readers/viewers/followers will be sure to call you out as a fraud.

2. Funny Videos

People love to watch people or pets screw up! It is the whole slapstick humor thing, where someone looks like they are getting hurt but really are not. That kind of stuff just goes crazy, people love to watch it! What really sells viral videos is just how funny they are. Everyone wants to laugh; laughter makes us feel happy. Laughter makes us feel good. Being entertained is what helps distract us from the daily doldrums of life.

With the advent of smartphones, people are channeling in to funny viral videos more than ever, too which makes it all the more important that you try to turn on your inner comedic to help generate traffic to your blog.

When trying to be funny on video, it’s important that you keep the humor universal. You don’t want to insult any religions, you don’t want to get too political, and you don’t want to possibly come across as appearing to be racist. People have tried all of the above, and it only puts you right into trouble.

3. Shocking Videos

This is a very delicate art. Push it too hard and you are going to get yourself banned or censored. You may want to do it yourself or use other peoples stuff. This is not our favorite category but it works. Wild, raw, nature, extreme emotions, joy, happiness, shock, terror is the stuff that will leave an impression with people and they will share it.

4. “Never Seen Before” Videos

Having something that you just do not see very often on your blog has a better chance of going viral.

Additional Viral Video Tips:

A. Candid-Camera Style Videos

Who doesn’t like a fun surprise, or capturing an unexpected event on video? Candid camera-style videos on the web have long been the most viral of them all. Catching someone completely unaware before something shocking or surprising happens, and then getting their winning reaction on film, is what will propel your video from the status of “who cares” to “VIRAL.”

You may already have some candid camera arsenal hiding in some older videos that you have taken. Have fun and dig through some past family videos, videos from parties, and any other events that you may have been in. Or, alternatively, you can create a candid camera video that doesn’t involve you at all!

The great thing about this type of video is that it can also contain any of the other essential elements for creating a viral video too, which gives it that extra punch togenerate traffic to your blog. We’ll now explore some of the other viral video success stories.

B. Topical Videos

Is there something going on in the world today that you just can’t help but speak up about? Then it’s time to get your voice heard and to come up with a quality and well thought out topical video for your blog.

A lot of people are afraid to make topical videos, and for a good reason. Topical videos are extremely current (so you have to make sure that any videos you make are fresh and relevant to “now”) and are usually somewhat political in nature, and that can be a really touchy subject for people. If you are going to the topical route – which can either go viral and make you world famous, or take you and your blog straight to the gutter – then you have to make sure that you’re doing it right. Keep it as light as possible. Try to keep your videos humorous and not too serious, much like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert do.

No matter what type of viral video you try to create to generate traffic to your blog, make sure that you keep it short and to the point. No viral videos really go past the 3 minute mark, so aim to keep your video to less than 2 minutes in duration. People have pretty short attention spans these days, so the shorter your video is, the better.

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